Crawling Out of the PITCrawling Out of the P.I.T…

to a new understanding by Nancy Bembridge

“NLP has given me the gift of not only understanding myself better, but also the ability to understand everyone else that I am in touch with daily…”

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10 Easy Modules
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De-stress for Life and Stop Procrastinating

There’s a great way to lower your stress, focus your life, and achieve your goals in less time than you thought possible. What’s more, the techniques are so easy to follow you’ll wish you had discovered them years ago! Buy Now!

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Serenity CD

Here’s a quick and easy way to relax and unwind whenever you want to. Just slip the Serenity CD on your computer or music player, and experience whole body relief! You’ll feel the tension slip away from your body as the gentle music soothes you. You’ll notice your thoughts quieting, yet you’ll remain clear and alert. And you’ll emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated – within minutes! Buy Now!

mileageGo Ahead- Get Organized!

Auto Mileage Log

A simple and effective tool for tracking your daily mileage. This log includes calculations for eligible automobile expenses for tax purposes. Whether you use your own vehicle or a company vehicle to travel for business purposes,this tool can save you tax dollars and cover you in the event of a tax audit. Includes instructions & tips plus a sample of a completed monthly log. Buy Now!

Email workbookGo Ahead- Get Organized!

Take Control of Email Self Study Workbook

Study a variety of topics relating to managing E-mail as effectively and efficiently as possible no matter which e-mail platform you use.This 2 CD set includes an introductory 20 minute audio CD plus a PDF of the complete E-mail Workbook on CD for your convenience. It is suggested that you listen to the audio CD once or twice before printing and beginning the workbook. Learn to take control of e-mail at your own pace. Buy Now!

Closet DesignerGo Ahead- Get Organized!

Closet Organizing and Design Guide

A complete guide to organizing and re-designing closets in your home. Simply download and/or print the PDF provided on the CD and you’re ready to begin! Includes everything from how to create an action plan, getting your closet ready, creating a design, choosing a product and how to keep it all organized. Fun and easy to follow with loads of visuals including sample drawings, product pictures and before and after photos. Enjoy! Buy Now!