PCLaw v.14.1 Release Notes

A quick summary of the new and/or enhanced changes:


Purging Entries has moved from the G/L End of Month menu to the Tools menu.  The new default period is 10 years (from the last month end), but you can specify a different number of years to retain data.

Time and Fee Sheets now have a column to show the client’s name.  If you have upgraded from an earlier version and don’t see this column, do a right-click in the column heading and select “Restore Columns”.

The Billing and Request Bill window now show the option to include, exclude or write off “Never Bill” time entries.

Billing Templates will offer a new section called “Trust by Account” to display such entries.  The address section includes tokens for client’s e-mail address, phone number and/or fax number.

The Work-in-Progress (WIP) Report now offers an option to run “Contingency Files Only”.  You can also run the report to exclude “Never Bill” items.

Auto Track Time Reduction (if enabled in System Settings, Data Entry tab) will now tag reduced entries with the task code “TR” and give the entry a “Never Bill” status.  It will also tag the entry with the relevant invoice number, so it will not appear on future WIP reports.

Advanced Security allows yous to see their own time and billing in the Billing Fees Journal.  New Report Tokens have been added for Billing Output options to the List of Clients Report.

The Contact Manager now includes the ability to sort by Firm Name

For Case Labels, note the new token for “Destroy Date” had been added to the template options.

PCLaw’s Dashboard has been out since version 13.  Designed to provide a quick visual over-view of their Practice, Clients and Business at a glance.  The Client area now has easy access to  Collection Notes, New Phone Call and Time Sheet.

While many of my clients enjoy the Dashboard’s overview, they do return to work from the Quick Step, simply because they notice a difference in the speed of using the software.  When the Dashboard is open, it is continually working (in the background) to update all reports included in the Dashboards, thus the sometimes noticeable change in speed.

The Invoice E-mail Queue can be activated through System Settings with a global default, but can also be controlled through the Matter Bill Settings.  Any user with access to the main billing features, will automatically be granted access to this queue.  PCLaw Security can be changed to add/remove a user to this queue.  This queue will be available through the Reports or Billing menu.




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