General Cheques – Recurring Entries

Recurring entries in PCLaw are often used as an easy reminder to post automatic debits (pre-authorized payments) to the firm’s bank account on the day payment is due.

Consider using this feature for frequent repetitive items to help keep track of on-going payments, like rent cheques, pay cheques, and government remittances.

It is also a great way to remember how to process unusual payments, like the HST remittance cheque that must be coded “Z” for the HST journal to be kept in balance.

The Petty Cash cheque can also be cumbersome to record when replenishing your firm’s cash box. Saving the cheque as a recurring entry allows PCLaw to do the memory work for you, listing the commonly used General Ledger accounts and allowing you to remove/add others as needed.

These are just a few tips of the many ways recurring entries can be used to save you time. Who knows, you might be able to shorten your list of 101 things to do this week!

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