PCLaw v.12 released

On June 18, 2012 PCLaw v.12 was released.  On July 13th hot fix 1 was released to fix a few issues users had when upgrading from version 10 or earlier.

There is a new time capturing feature allowing firms of up to 20 lawyers to improve their ability to capture their daily time.  The Time Entry Advisor monitors work performed involving phone calls, emails, events, tasks and other activities.  The system will also alert users when items are left unbilled.  A Law Firm Billable Hours Survey was conducted by LexisNexis between May 15 & 25, 2012.  With almost 500 responses, lawyers claimed they typically bill an average of 6 hours out of a nine-hour work day.  The Time Entry Advisor now makes time capturing time easier, thus improving the bottom-line, too.

Other Enhancements with PCLaw v.12 include:  Improved handling of client overpayments through General Retainer;  New Client Matter and Contact Manager security settings; Expanded 12-month general ledger budget view; Improved Past Due Notice format for client reminder notices; Improved categorization for clients and contacts; Multiple views and color-coding of calendars to help better manage events and deadlines.

If you are interested in seeing the most recent version of PCLaw, click here for more details:  Lexis Nexis PCLaw

I look forward to answering any questions you may have about PCLaw.    Please remember, PCLaw v.9 will no longer be supported after Dec 31, 2012

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