PCLaw Upgrades

Should I upgrade every time PCLaw has a new version?

We all know computers and technology are constantly changing.  Therefore, it can help to understand why an upgrade for PCLaw is being offered for.  Most upgrades offer “new and improved” features for using the software.  Some upgrades are “fixes” to correct errors discovered within the program.  Other times it’s due to changes by another software vendor, like Microsoft.  For example, when Microsoft changes their Operating System (O/S), all software vendors, including Lexis Nexis, have to change their software in order to have it run smoothly with the Microsoft O/S.

My advice on upgrading to the “latest” version has always remained the same and it’s not just with PCLaw, it’s with any software I use on a regular basis.  It will depend upon how you value the hours you have each day.  Personally, I always wait approximately 6 – 8 months after a new version is released.  I prefer to let someone else find any problems with the software.  Without fail, there are always “fixes” to new versions of software.  So, I simply choose to wait for the first revision of any software to be released before I upgrade.

However, if you are a person who enjoys working with “the latest and the greatest” software, you might also enjoy being part of the solution to resolve new software issues.  PCLaw is always looking for Beta testers. This means, you receive new versions of software and get to see the “latest and greatest” advances before anyone else.  What’s your preference?  You decide what works for you.  If you’d like to become a beta tester, let me know.

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