Lexis Nexis offers bundled products, including PCLaw

Did you know PCLaw can now be bundled with other Lexis Nexis Products, like Quick Law?

Lexis Nexis is offering a lower monthly cost with 1, 2 or 3 year contracts.  If you are interested in learning more about this option, please let me know and I’ll refer you to the person managing this new opportunity in your area.

As a quick reference, I recently had a Canadian client with a 4-user license request a quote for the PCLaw/Quick Law bundle.  The overall cost for one year with each product maintained separately was:  $3032 + taxes.  A one year contract with the software bundled was $236.67 per month, with a second year offered at $251.50 per month and the third year was $260.93 per month.  These amounts are all excluding taxes.

So, Lexis Nexis is providing you the opportunity to set your cost for using their products over the next one to three years.  You may wish to consider this option to help budget operating costs more easily.  Plus, you would not have to worry about the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) renewals.  Support is automatically included in the monthly contracts.

I also asked what would happen in the future should you decide to opt out of the monthly contract.  For example, let’s say you decided to return to the Annual Maintenance Plan or maybe no plan at all.  According to Lexis Nexis, you will always have those options at the end of your specified contract period.  As always, any questions on this topic?  Just ask.  I’d be glad to help!

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